Principal's Message


My name is Janice Irvin and I am so proud to serve you as the Principal of John F. Kennedy Elementary School.  Kennedy has a long history of being a tightly knit community that values family and learning.  Within the Kingsport City Schools system I have been a Pre-K/Head Start teacher at the V.O. Dobbins Center, a Kindergarten teacher at Jackson Elementary, a 2nd/3rd Grade multi-age teacher at Washington Elementary, and I spent 3 years as the Associate Principal at Jefferson Elementary.  I am a person who values communication, and relationships, so please let me know if you need anything. 


Kennedy provides our community with a “Student Focused…World Class” educational experience that will insure college and career readiness.  These are the years that in many ways will shape the person your child(ren) will become, and we are so proud that you have chosen Kennedy to be the place where your child’s talents can be strengthened.  We believe in educating the “whole child”.  What that means is that we are not only here for academics.  Our goal is to support your child(ren) to be healthy physically, emotionally, socially, and have strong academic experiences.  We welcome your feedback, and value you as a partner!


It's going to be a great year!


Janice Irvin

Proud Principal

Kennedy Elementary