Principal's Message


Welcome to our John F. Kennedy website! Our mission is to grow students as leaders who help others, overcome challenges, have a willingness to learn, and lead with respect. It is my privilege to serve our Lynn Garden community. Going into my eight year I continue to have the same excitement to work with you and our students as I did my first year. 


Our school is truly a community school. Family and community partnerships are important to us and we would love to have you in our school volunteering in the future. We have multiple events during the year that bring us all together. Make sure we have your email address so you can receive our monthly message, follow us on Instagram, and connect with your child(ren)s teachers on the ClassDojo App.


Our teachers engage in Professional Learning Communities and constantly use data to look at students as individuals. We use this data to answer 4 Critical Questions: What do we want students to know (state standards)? How will we know that they have learned it (what assessments will we use)? What will we do if they don't master the content (reteaching and support)? and What will we do if they have mastered the content (to extend their learning)?


Again, welcome to Kennedy. Please let me know if you need anything. 


Your principal (and fellow Kennedy Parent), 


Janice Irvin, Ed. D.