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Emergency Information - Schedule Change Information

Emergency Information - Schedule Change Information

The Kingsport City School system has the highest concern for our students’ safety; we have developed a thorough emergency response plan covering most natural and other emergencies. Kingsport City Schools provides instant email and phone calls through ParentLink.  Parents play an essential role in keeping students safe during an emergency.

 Parents should follow these guidelines to assist our staff in responding effectively to an emergency:

Prepare for early dismissals.

For some emergencies, like snowstorms, school officials will send students home early. You will receive notification through the local media, our automated contact system, or on the school system website. If there has been an early dismissal and your child has not been picked up, your child’s school will attempt to contact you. Please make sure you provide your school’s office with up-to-date contact information so that we can easily reach you when necessary. 

If there is no early dismissal, do not pick up children from school or an area of emergency.

If you do not learn about an early dismissal but learn of a school or area emergency, please do not rush to school to pick up your child. Traffic will block the way for emergency vehicles and your presence at the school building may delay assistance. Keep in mind that police will bar parents from school grounds in some emergencies. The safety of our students is paramount to us and we will reunite students and parents as soon as possible. 

Obtain information from our school system and local media in an emergency.

The Kingsport City Schools will be in regular session unless an announcement is made through our automated school call-out system. You may also check the web site at or listen to our radio station, WCSK 90.3 FM, for an update on school closings. School closings will also be announced on local radio and television stations: WCYB-TV 5; WJHL-TV 11; WKPT-TV 19; WTFM-FM 98.5; WJCW-AM 910; WKIN-AM 1320; WGOC-AM 640; WQUT-FM 101.5; WKOS-FM 104.9; WRZK-FM 95.9; WXIS-FM 92.3 & 103.9; WEMB-AM 1420; WXBQ-FM 96.9; WAEZ-FM 94.9; WPJO-FM 99.3; WIKZ-FM 103.1; WCQR-FM 88.3 OR WMCH/WEYE-FM 104.3. The Kingsport City Schools’ website, as well as other media outlets, will provide current information, including how parents will be safely reunited with their children. The websites of some of the stations are: and

In case of a bomb threat, turn off cell phones and two-way radios.

If a school is being evacuated due to a bomb threat, parents and staff should refrain from using cell phones and two-way radios. Explosive devices can be detonated by the signals transmitted from cell phones and two-way radios. 

Cancellation of School 

The Board of Education and administrators are aware of the hardship that can be caused by an abrupt cancellation. Therefore, school will not be cancelled unless a significant safety risk has been created by unusual circumstances. Schools will be in regular session unless an announcement is made. If you sign up for our automated notification system, you will be automatically notified by 6:00 a.m. If the schedule is changed, you will hear one of the following announcements beginning at 6:00 a.m.:

  • Kingsport City Schools are closed today.
  • Kingsport City Schools are on a snow schedule. (Classes start one hour later

than usual and dismiss at the regular time.)

  • Kingsport City Schools are on a two-hour delay. (Classes start two hours later

than usual and dismiss at the regular time.)

  • Kingsport City School buses will operate on a snow route. (Bus drivers will

have already instructed the students where to meet the bus if their street is

not passable.)

The school system has the responsibility for deciding to open or close school. This means opening or not opening the buildings and having our employees report for duty. We do not make the decision as to whether or not students attend. That decision is made by parents. If parents believe that road or weather conditions are dangerous, they may keep their children home. Absences during these circumstances

are EXCUSED and the students may make up the work missed.